How to Stop Constant Bad Beats in Poker – Online Poker Strategy

How to Stop Constant Bad Beats in Poker - Online Poker Strategy

Many players and even some professionals in the game of poker can attest that constant bad beats are a reality of the game. Although there are a number of reasons for these bad beats, foremost among them is a lack of denominational expertise. As I have detailed before, I believe this is the foremost excuse for bad beats Rampaging poker is all about bad beats.

We all know that online poker sites like to give players way too much weight on their hands. The notion was first dictated to me when I first started playing online back in the middle of 2000. I can remember asking around almost every time I entered a poker room whether I should raise or fold in a particular hand. The majority of the time I would fold, but I could never in a million years figure out why. Then I would hear a guy in one of the rooms bragging that he had folded a hand that would have made top pair. When I realized that a simple fold could have netted me a big profit, I started gravitating towards the game and eventually found my way into a poker career that was less about luck and more about instead learning to control my own emotions.

Obviously, being in a constant battle with the bookie is a costly lesson if you are not controlling your emotions, yet being able to effectively fold is the foundation for innovators in poker. It is taught and admitted that the most important skill in poker is not necessarily winning or losing, but rather being able to confidently fold. If you are not confident to fold, you are setting yourself up for a loss, or a loss big.

Card knowledge in poker is one thing, but being able to appropriately fold and make an effective fold is the key to success. I was very aggressive when I first started out, but gradually became way too aggressive. In all honesty, you can’t control your emotions and PITTS are coming to a point where you either win or lose and confidence begins to slip. ONLY remember to stay calm and patient. Don’t let ego get in the way.

Bluffing Too Much

I don’t know if too much bluffing is bad, or if this is bad, but whatever the reason, too much bluffing is definitely not good. This gets thrown around a lot, but the foundation stick of the game is bluffing. You don’t win a game by not bluffing and you don’t lose a game by not bluffing. Ask yourself this: Is it worth it to try and steal blinds at this point, or will I end up showing a net loss instead? The answer is NO, so don’t do it.

Summed Up

There are many ways to become a better dewalive player. If you’re interested in becoming a better poker player, the most important thing you can do is the aforementioned. However, another thing you can do is to get a solid grasp of poker strategy. Specifically, poker strategy step by step. It’s the number one thing you need to do to become a better poker player.